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IISD/ENB+ 1st Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit on the Environment 5 Sep 2017 At the end of the day, ministers adopted several outcome documents: the report of the senior officials and a Chair's summary of the second UN Environment Programme Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of asia pacific; and the ministerial declaration on environment and development for asia and the pacific (E/ESCAP/MCED(7)/L.4). They also adopted the report of the seventh Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development in asia and the 

Strong Business Gains to Push Asia Pacific IoT Adoption to 86% by 18 Aug 2017 Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company reveals that by 2019, 86% of organizations in asia pacific will have some form of IoT in place, according to 'The Internet of Things: Today and Tomorrow'. While organizations adopt IoT to leverage the business benefits of enhanced efficiency and innovation across the enterprise, industrial, healthcare, retail and municipality sectors globally, Aruba's study warns that connecting thousands of things to existing business 

Workspace The Social Protection Floor Initiative (SPF-I) As members of the UNDG asia-pacific Thematic Working Group on Social Protection, all have been keen to share the collective experiences of the UN in building social protection floors throughout the region. . Beyond the initial 4 agencies (ILO, UNDP, UNICEF and WHO) and 7 countries (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Ukraine) represented in 2016, the 2017 meeting hosted representative from a total of 7 agencies (adding 3 new agencies: FAO, 

Donor partnerships in Asia-Pacific - UNISDR Australian Aid Program. A Partnership Framework between AusAID and UNISDR asia pacific was finalized following the recommendations of the AusAID Report on “Disaster Risk Management Needs in the asia Region”. Visit the AusAID website. Print Tweet this · Share on Facebook · Share this on LinkedIn 

Floor at Indonesia's stock exchange collapses, more than 70 injured 15 Jan 2018 Bookmark. JAKARTA: More than 70 people were injured after a mezzanine floor at the Indonesia Stock Exchange collapsed onto the building's lobby on Monday (Jan 15). "There was a loud bang so people who were inside immediately ran outside of the building," said journalist Marlia Zein. The Indonesia Stock Exchange is located in central Jakarta, and the local office of the World Bank is also housed on the 12th floor of the complex, according to its website.

'Indo-Pacific': containment ploy or new label for region beyond 12 Nov 2017 Analysts from five countries weigh in on the Trump administration's move away from the conventionally used term 'asia-pacific' trade war would be 'catastrophic for the whole world'. 11 Mar 2018. US President Donald Trump speaks on television as traders work on the floor at the closing · Insight & Opinion . the changing regional dynamic in asia. The fact is, China itself has adopted an Indo-pacific strategy, even if it goes by the name of the Maritime Silk Road.

Economics Planning of Super Tall Buildings in Asia Pacific Cities 17 May 2007 From the analysis of the collected data, the floor plate of these buildings is comparatively large, thus achieving a fairly high lettable to gross floor ratio of about 80% and low wall to floor area ratio of about 0.33. The most common lease span is approximately 12m with column-free between its service core and exterior window. The most common floor-to-floor height is about 4.0m. Square or similar plan is the most common geometry in super tall buildings since this 

Risk-based capital and governance in Asia-Pacific - EY 1 Jan 2015 asia-pacific is different. While the proposed RBC framework in asia-pacific may have similarities with the European Solvency II standard, there is wide disparity in the level of sophistication and application. Many of the changes MAS Notice 126 also highlights the adoption of economic capital, which is the amount of capital that an insurer needs to satisfy its risk tolerance and new business plans. This goes beyond the existing regulatory capital requirements that 

First Acquia Engage Conference in Asia Pacific Addresses Digital 21 Jun 2017 “Staging the first Engage event outside of North America really marks a milestone for Acquia in asia pacific. More importantly it exemplifies the adoption of cloud and open source technologies as a differentiator in digital experience technology in asia pacific,” said Tahlor DiCicco, director of marketing, Acquia asia pacific and Japan. “Our impressive speaker and sponsor line-up from around the region demonstrates the commitment of enterprises, the public sector and 

Asia and the Pacific - ITU It will also discuss the implementation of the ITU asia-pacific Regional Initiatives (2015-2017) targeting key priority areas and leveraging key partnership strategies for the successful delivery of objectives and initiatives. The Regional Initiatives adopted at the last World Telecommunication Development. Conference address five key areas. The first ITU asia-pacific Regional Initiative calls for special consideration for least developed countries, small island developing States, including 

From Products to Services: The Next Internet of Things - DBS Bank 13 Jan 2016 IoT Adoption in asia. IoT Spending in asia pacific. asia pacific Ahead in IoT Adoption. IT Spending Breakdown. Smart Cities. Singapore's Smart Nation Project. China – Smart Cities. Potential Impact on Various Sectors. Utility Sector. Transportation Sector High smartphone volumes have driven down costs, paving the way for cheap IoT sensors. Source: DBS . patient monitoring, and outdoor security cameras will be top applications for telcos. Diagram 5. Gartner 

Gartner Survey Reveals Asia/Pacific CIOs Leading Adoption of 31 Oct 2017 CIOs in asia/pacific report higher adoption of disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and conversational interfaces than their global peers, according to an annual survey of CIOs by Gartner, Inc. Inevitably, the job of CIO will extend beyond the traditional delivery roles to other areas of the business, such as innovation management and talent development. "The nature of the CIO's job has changed from the role of delivery 

Why Cloud Migration Is Slower in Asia-Pacific: 5 Key Barriers to 30 Nov 2017 Why Cloud Migration Is Slower in asia-pacific: 5 Key Barriers to Adoption It will mark the latest expansion of public cloud services into the asia-pacific (APAC) area, coming hot on the heels of two new Microsoft Azure regions in South Korea, which the rival vendor launched in February this year. However, poor Internet connectivity and broadband speed present a significant obstacle to wider adoption in emerging economies, especially outside urban areas.

UNCITRAL Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific The main objectives of the Regional Centre are to (a) enhance international trade and development in the asia-pacific region by promoting certainty in international commercial transactions through the dissemination of international trade norms and standards, in particular those elaborated by UNCITRAL; (b) provide bilateral and multilateral technical assistance to States with respect to the adoption and uniform interpretation of UNCITRAL texts through workshops and seminars; 

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