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is ariddek still being manufactured

Why is lead ammunition still being manufactured and used? - Quora Lead is an inherently effective material. A lot of it has to do with availability and cost effectiveness. Lead is a naturally plentiful metal found on earth making it cost effective. Lead is soft and has a low melting temperature which makes it ve

Why are cars with manual transmission still being manufactured I would like to clarify the answer by Nicholas with regard to manual gearing and automatic vs. manual gearbox choices. First, you have to understand that the Internal Combustion engine has a limited range of RPM and usable torque. This is quite na

Are vinyl audio records still being manufactured? - Quora Yes, and more every year. While cassette sales are effectively dead, CD sales are declining rapidly, SACD and DVD-A sales have almost disappeared, and even downloads are slowing, vinyl is the ONLY medium experiencing a surge in sales. The annual Record Store Day produces lots of limited-edition vinyl from many popular artists, and the attendance and sales keep climbing. There are fewer vinyl pressing plants than at the height of their ubiquity in the 50s-70s, but those current 

Kirby Mercer says progress still being made on offshore wind 18 Feb 2018 Last summer, Kirby Mercer said he and his partners needed an offtake agreement by the end of 2017 or key investors might lose interest in his offshore wind energy project. Two months into 2018, there is no such agreement with government, the.

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