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Deck Construction Guide - American Wood Council segment of decking must bear on a minimum of 3 joists. (or 3 supports). Decking not 4. PRESCRIPTIVE RESIDENTIAL wood DECK CONSTRUCTION GUIDE. American wood Council. Table 2. Maximum Joist Spans and Overhangs.1. Species. Size. Joist Spacing (o.c.). 12". 16". 24". 12". 16". 24". Allowable Span2 (LJ). Allowable .. band joist or structural composite lumber including laminated veneer lumber), the ledger attachment shall be designed in accordance with accepted 

Engineered Wood Construction Guide Hardwood. Flooring. Single layer of APA Rated. Sturd-I-Floor or APA Rated. sheathing. APA Rated Sturd-I-Floor32 oc Exposure 1 or 60/32 APA Rated sheathing Exposure 1. (for joists spaced 24 inches o.c. or less)c. Lightweight. Concrete with. Finish Flooring on Topd. Subfloor panel with or without T&G edges installed on joists. Asphalt paper covers subfloor. Lightweight concrete poured on top. APA Sturd-I-Floor 24 oc Exposure 1 T&G or APA Rated sheathing 48/24 Exposure 1.

APA Engineered Wood Construction Guide Excerpt Floor Construction wood. The Natural Choice. NOTICE: The recommendations in this guide apply only to products that bear the APA trademark. Only products bearing the APA trademark are subject to the. Association's quality auditing program. Percent of . Exposure 1 T&G (for joists spaced 24 inches o.c. or less). Hardwood Flooring. Single layer of APA. Rated Sturd-I-Floor or APA Rated sheathing. APA Rated Sturd-I-Floor24 oc. Exposure 1 or 48/24 APA Rated. sheathing Exposure 1 (for joists.

CHAPTER 5: Design of Wood Framing - HUD User dimension lumber and structural wood panels (i.e., plywood and oriented strand board sheathing). Design of the lateral force resisting system (i.e., shearwalls and diaphragms) must be approached from a system design perspective and is elements or systems in light, wood-framed construction. The discussion focuses primarily on framing with traditional dimension lumber but gives some consideration to common engineered wood products. Other wood framing methods, such as 

TimberStrand® LSL :: Weyerhaeuser Engineered Lumber · TimberStrand® LSL. Engineered for consistent performance, TimberStrand® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) starts straight and stays straight. As a result, it's one of the most innovative and versatile building products available — a suitable solution for a diverse range of applications such as tall walls, beams, rim board, sill plates and so much more. TimberStrand LSL is a green building solution as well. The manufacturing process combines technology and 

Advanced Framing Construction Guide - APA – The Engineered 17. Ceiling and Roof Framing. 17. Single Top Plates and Framing. Member Layout. 18. WALL sheathing. 18. Wind Resistance and Wall Assemblies 18. Wall Bracing. 20. MORE INFORMATION. 21. Engineered wood. Construction Systems. 21. Building Codes Referenced .. Spacing engineered wood floor joists 24 inches on center will reduce the number of joists required by about 30 percent as compared to . Headers at openings in non-load-bear- ing walls are not required 

Parallam® PSL :: Weyerhaeuser Parallam® PSL. Now a great room can be even greater. wood Products · Engineered Lumber · Parallam® PSL. Use beams, headers, and columns made from Parallam PSL and open up a whole new world of design options for the interior of a home. Create long, clear spans and support heavy loads, whether inside or out in the elements.

Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) - APA – The Engineered Wood LVL beams SCL Basics. Structural composite lumber (SCL), which includes laminated veneer lumber (LVL), parallel strand lumber (PSL), laminated strand lumber (LSL) and oriented strand lumber (OSL), is a family of engineered wood products created by layering dried and graded wood veneers, strands or flakes with moisture resistant adhesive into blocks of material known as billets, which are subsequently resawn into specified sizes. In SCL billets, the grain of each layer of veneer 

Parallam® PSL Beams :: Weyerhaeuser Parallam® PSL Beams. Turn open floor plans into reality. wood Products · Engineered Lumber · Parallam® PSL · Parallam® PSL Beams. Add strength and reliability to your structure when you use Parallam® PSL beams. The superior strength of Parallam® PSL makes longer spans possible, giving you more design options with open, spacious floor plans.

I-Joist - APA – The Engineered Wood Association I-joists are strong, lightweight, "I" shaped engineered wood structural members that meet demanding performance standards. I-joists are comprised of top and bottom flanges, which resist bending, united with webs, which provide outstanding shear resistance. The flange material is typically laminated veneer lumber (LVL) or solid sawn lumber, and the web is made with plywood or OSB. The robust combination of structural characteristics results in a versatile, economical framing 

TJI® Joists :: Weyerhaeuser Engineered to provide strength and consistency. TJI joists are lightweight and come in long lengths, which makes them faster and easier to install than traditional framing, and saves you both time and money. TJI JOIST BENEFITS. Easily drilled and cut for plumbing and ductwork; Long lengths allow for versatile floor plans; Ease of installation helps reduce callbacks; TJ-Pro Rating provides customizable, predictable floor performance; Save time and money and increase customer 

Effect of Composite Action on the Strength of Wood Roofs - Hindawi 17 Feb 2015 Engineering certification for the installation of solar photovoltaic modules on wood roofs is often denied because existing wood roofs do not meet current building codes. Rather than requiring expensive structural retrofits, we desire to show that many roofs are actually sufficiently strong if the effect of composite action produced by joist-sheathing interaction is considered. In a series of laboratory experiments using a limited number of two-by-four wood joists with and 

Deck Design Guide - The City of Portland, Oregon the joists. Decking must have a span length such that each board bears on a minimum of two joists. 5.Headers over existing doors, windows or openings greater than six feet in width that are located below a deck that will be attached to the . the siding has been removed. See Figure 5. The flashing material may be copper (using copper nails), stainless steel, galvanized steel coated with 1.85 oz/sf of zinc (G-185 coating), UV-resistant plastic, or self-sealing bituminous (tar) “peel-.

Wood Products :: Weyerhaeuser Engineered Lumber. Our Trus Joist® products offer predictable performance and are designed to work together. This means materials can be used more efficiently and still increase the quality of the house. Oriented Strand Board · OSB & Panels. Weyerhaeuser produces OSB, plywood and MDF panels, which customers depend on for quality, consistency and durability.

APA Performance Rated I-Joists - Anthony Forest Products Co. The technical data contained in this guide applies to I-joists that bear the. APA Performance . (b) Spans are based on a composite floor with glued-nailed sheathing meeting the requirements for APA Rated sheathing or APA Rated . In addition, floor sheathing must be field glued and nailed to the I-joist flanges to achieve the PRI allowable spans. Use of these span tables is limited to uniform load conditions and PRI floor spans shall not exceed these allowable spans. APA PRIs can 

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