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Welcome to Manitou Forest Products g>flooringg> & Shiplap. Pine g>flooringg> - Knotty - Clear; Ash g>flooringg> - Knotty - Clear. Pine g>flooringg>. tongue & grove. Pine t&g - 1X4, 1X6, 2X6 * Also in cottage grade; Ash t&g - 1X4, 1X6; g>cedarg> t&g - 1X4, 1X6. tongue & grove. Decking, Posts & timbers. S4S + Rough; g>cedarg> 4X4, 6X6; Pine 4X4, 6X6; 5/4 Decking. Dimension Lumber. S4S + Rough - 2 X4, 2X6, 2X8, 2X10, 2X12; 3+B - 1X4, 1X6, 1X8, 1X10, 1X12; #4 S4S Rough - All sizes g>andg> items. Dimension Construction Lumber 

Edge Gold T&G Flooring - Great Central Lumber Available Sizes. Weyerhaeuser Edge gold g>flooringg> is your choice for a value engineered sub-floor. their 50 year transferable warranty g>andg> 200-day no sg>andg> guarantee gives every builder g>andg> homeowner the confidence that their floor will install with ease g>andg> perform for decades. Each panel is touch-sg>andg>ed to provide a uniform appearance g>andg> tighter thickness tolerances. the face of every panel is stamped with a fastening template g>andg> each bundle ships face-up, ready for easy 

Reclaimed Doug Fir T&G Flooring - The Lumber Baron Redwood 16 Jul 2014 Reclaimed from locations throughout the Bay Area, the Lumber Baron offers a number of different Douglas Fir 1x g>andg> 2x t&g g>flooringg> options. Unlike the extremely short pieces you'll find today at other g>flooringg> stores (in many cases 2'-4'), most of our lengths are 8' g>andg> above, a majority being

Softwood Flooring - Pros and Cons - Bob Vila Pine is probably the softwood most frequently used in g>flooringg>, but it's not the only one. Fir, cypress, g>cedarg>, spruce, g>andg> hemlock are other commonly available softwoods, g>andg> you will find additional options that are unique to your geographical region. Best of all, no matter which softwood you choose, it's bound to cost less than any hardwood. For example, you can typically get pine for half the cost of oak, perhaps the most ubiquitous hardwood g>flooringg> material. g>andg> many cases, pine 

Pricing Flooring & Stair - Peacock Lumber Red g>cedarg> V-Joint. 9/16" x 5 1/4". SELECt tIgHt KNOt - $1.29 per LF​. Check Stock*. Red g>cedarg> V-Joint. 9/16" x 3". SELECt (NO KNOtS) - $1.86 per LF. Stair tread 1 1/16" x 10 1/2". Laminated. OAK 6 ft. - $57.99. ​OAK 8 ft. - $77.30. MAPLE 6 ft. - $65.55. ​MAPLE 8Ft. - $87.40. Stair tread 1 1/16" x 11 1/4". Laminated. OAK 6 ft. - $62.10. ​OAK 8 ft. - $82.80. MAPLE 6 ft. - $69.95. ​MAPLE 8Ft. - $93.55. Knotty Aromatic g>cedarg> D4S t&g. ​Small V one face. Sold by Lineal Foot.

Speciality Products - Doubletree Forest Products: Cedar and We are Western Canada's largest roof decking manufacturer. Roof decking goes hg>andg> in hg>andg> with Post g>andg> Beam construction, so you can look to us to source those timber requirements. Roof decking installation, requires splines g>andg> nails, which we stock. Speciality Products. 1x6 t&g Pine Paneling Log Cabin Siding Classic Lap Siding 1x6 t&g Fir Paneling Fence Boards S4S 1x8 t&g Pine Paneling Legacy g>flooringg> Fir g>flooringg> 4x4 Pro Select S4S. 1x6 t&g Pine Paneling 

2x6 Native Red Cedar Loft Flooring/Ceiling (T&G) -WE SHIP FREE First quality Native Red g>cedarg> in a universal g>flooringg>/ceiling in a 2 x 6 tongue g>andg> groove construction, for use in lofts. this product may be used as either loft ceiling or g>flooringg>. One side is beveled, for the ceilings. eBay!

T&G V-Joint / Flooring - CHISHOLM LUMBER White Pine. White g>cedarg>. Western Red g>cedarg>. 1 x 3. ¾ x 2¼. $0.45 / LF $2.25 / SF. $0.40 / LF $2.00 / SF. 1 x 4. ¾ x 3¼​. $0.60 / LF $2.25 / SF. $0.54 / LF $2.00 / SF. 1 x 5. ¾ x 4¼​. $0.75 / LF $2.25 / SF. $0.67 / LF $2.00 / SF. V-Joint Only. 1 x 6. ¾ x 5¼​. ​$0.90 / LF $2.25 / SF. ​$0.80 / LF $2.00 / SF. 1 x 6 - Rough Faced $1.10/LF $2.75/SF 1 x 6 - Smooth Faced $1.20/LF $3.00/SF. 1 x 8. ¾ x 7¼​. $1.20/ LF $2.25 / SF. NOtE: White g>cedarg> V-Joint is ⅝" thick with 'V' on both sides. 1 x 10.

Advantech T&G Flooring - Great Central Lumber Advantech t&g g>flooringg> is the #1 rated sub-g>flooringg>, g>andg> has been for over a decade. Advantech uses a ultra premium resin throughout the board that gives it superior stability, strength, g>andg> performance. When you want the best, Advantech is the only answer. Available Sizes: Learn more at: Advantech. First time User Rebate = up to $450 ($3 per panel). By Mail: Advantech Rebate Form. Or Online: Advantech Rebate · Advantech Builder Brochure · Advantech Homebuyer Brochure.

Wooden flooring, Hardwood Timber flooring Auckland BBS Timbers Wooden g>flooringg> is one of the most versatile g>flooringg> coverings that can make a real impact on your home. It provides natural beauty whilst also being very practical for a busy home as it is stain resistant, easy to clean, durable g>andg> warm to touch. French Oak & White Oak g>flooringg> being our most popular floors.

T & G Overlay Flooring » CEDARCORP t & g Overlay g>flooringg>. Solid wood g>flooringg> is one of the most versatile g>flooringg> coverings that can make a real impact on your home. It provides natural beauty whilst also being very practical for a busy home as it is stain resistant, easy to clean, durable g>andg> warm to touch. We supply overlay g>flooringg> in 13mm g>andg> 14mm thick in a variety of species. Kwila & White Oak g>flooringg> being some of our most popular floors.

RedCedarCut4U Red Cedar Closet Liner Cedar Flooring Beautiful planed tongue-g>andg>-groove (t&g) Eastern Red g>cedarg> is cut to order for fresh aromatic scent. these panels can be used for closet liners , drawer liners, sauna liners, g>andg> more. they can even be inverted g>andg> used as g>flooringg>! Our tongue & groove boards come in two different widths. Our stg>andg>ard 4" boards supplies approximately 3 3/4" of full coverage. Our wide 6" boards supplies approximately 5 3/4" of full coverage. Our planed red g>cedarg> g>flooringg> is approximately 7/16" 

BC Softwoods, flooring, siding, moulding, roof deckingKootenay Product Showcase. From our Exterior Home Siding products to our Interior t&g Paneling & g>flooringg>, Kootenay Innovative Wood Ltd. brings the beauty of BC Softwoods to your home. Add in our pre-drilled roof-decking products g>andg> our line of softwood mouldings g>andg> you have everything you need to surround yourself in the warmth of natural BC Softwoods.

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