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creating a patio out of recycled materials south africa

outdoor living spaces - Home-Dzine Home-Dzine offers ideas and inspiration to design and landscape a garden, build or decorate a patio or entertainment area, with plenty of garden crafts and DIY project ideas. south africans are warming up to the beauty of outdoor decks as an alternative to other materials. a beautiful wooden deck . So, I rushed out and bought a shade sail at my local Builders Warehouse, only to find that the sail was far too small and didn't even offer shade over the area that needed to be covered.

The art of recycling - ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation art-of-recycling. Recycling doesn't need to be a chore; try recycling in your next art, craft or home decor project. You will be amazed at the versatility of the materials you consider to be rubbish. From practical to pretty, your trash can revitalise the style of your home or office, and With the right tools and an eye for handiwork, you could create an entire lounge suite out of recycled materials. Mosaic grout is affordable and can be found in most craft or hardware stores in south africa.

National Recycling Forum Welcome. The National Recycling Forum (NRF) is a non-profit organisation created to promote the recovery and recycling of recyclable materials in south africa. Start Recycling. cans glass paper plastic oil ewaste. drums aerosols. Essential Info. Educational Resources. Tools for teachers >. Useful links. Discover our list of recyling resources >. Events. IFaT africa 2017. 12th-14th September 2017. Find out more. Find your nearest recycler. Please Recycle Here: - Select Material 

Patio options for summer outdoors - easyDIY You may be thinking that now is a strange time to talk about patio options, but now is the ideal time to get cracking on designing and building a patio if you don't already have one. another option to consider is that of using reclaimed bricks. from a simple carport structure topped off with timber slats, to a custom design that creates a unique and eye-catching feature for a patio or entertainment area. patio-2. Modern patio roof. as an alternative to conventional patio roofing materials, 

HOME DZINE Home Improvement Make your own paving block You can use moulds to make your own paving blocks or pave stones for landscaping projects. Save money by casting concrete for paths and walkways, laying a driveway or flooring for a patio or entertainment area. By using moulds to make your own paving bricks or paving stones you can create solid If you don't want the hassle of having to mix up your own concrete for making paving stones, consider hiring a cement mixer for the day. Most hire stores have cement mixers that 

Upcycled Chairs • Insteading Eco-Chairs: Chairs made from salvaged or recycled material—like VHS tapes and rubber bands. Post by Keiren • Last Updated: June 17, 2016. affiliate Policy: Posts may contain links to outside vendors that pay us a commission when you purchase from them, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting our site! Upcycled chairs has been taken from south african townships where the wrapping technique is used to create handcrafted chicken ornaments. Write for a price.

Making Money From Trash – Meet Africa's Top 5 Entrepreneurs in 2 Sep 2017 In this article, I'll introduce you to five amazing african entrepreneurs who are building successful businesses in the waste recycling business. They are the Bilikiss sees huge potential in this sector, with Nigeria's recycling plants hungry for recycled waste materials due to local and foreign demand for end products. Her work They both founded Repurpose School bags as a green initiative to help hundreds of school children in their local community in south africa.

HOME DZINE Recycling Recycling crafts and projects Wood Pallet Chair. Using the French Tufting method and a wooden pallet, you can easily make a comfortable chair for a casual indoor or outdoor space, and it's ideal for a children's bedroom or playroom. Washing machine drum lamp. If you enjoy being creative with items that normally get thrown out, you'll love this lamp made using the drum from a washing machine. Old Woollens. as winter slowly draws to a close, before you toss out those holey woollens, take a look at how you can 

10 Ways to Recycle For a More Sustainable Garden - GrowVeg 27 Feb 2009 It is very easy to see environmental gardening as a practice that should only involve sustainable natural materials: wood, bark chippings, straw etc. We can create beautiful environments made out of these materials and they make good choices for many situations. However, limiting ourselves to these sources ignores the huge problem of mixed non-recyclable waste going to landfill. Why, for example, does every plant sold in garden centres have to come in a 

NewLife Plastics: Home outdoor functional furniture, manufactured from 100% recycled household plastic waste These are mainly bottles and other packaging materials made from HDPE, PP and LL/LDPE plastic types, and which are now thankfully ending their lives as a garden bench or an outdoor table, as a chair or even sometimes as a waste-bin, rather than as litter or to be Support TEaRS and take plastic out of the environment by purchasing a bench made from 100% recycled plastic packaging.

HOME DZINE Garden Design Garden crafts and DIY projects Home-Dzine offers ideas and inspiration to design and landscape a garden, build or decorate a patio or entertainment area, with plenty of garden crafts and DIY project ideas. Rust-Oleum supplied me with a selection of new products and 2X spray colours to try out. . Here in south africa our wine estates replace their wine barrels on a regular basis, so there will always be local availability if you want to make up an outdoor set as and when you can afford to buy a barrel or two!

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