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use hardwood floor on a porch ceiling

How to Install a Beadboard Porch Ceiling This Old House Tip: To calculate the number of strips you'll need, measure in inches the longest span of the porch, divide by the width of the beadboard you plan to use to get the total number of boards, then add 10 percent to cover mistakes and offcuts. .. BUYING GUIDE: Solid flooring. Solid flooring. Photo by Todd Huffman. For a plainer profile, install tongue-and-groove flooring on your porch ceiling, then paint or stain it. Or choose a flooring made from a wood that stands up to the weather, such 

Engineered Wood Porch Ceiling and Exterior Trim - Habitat for Bob meets with Dave Probst (from Louisiana Pacific) to learn about LP's Smart System Products and Lisa Francis (from the Engineered Wood association) joins to watch the installation of the MDO being used for the outdoor space's ceiling.

How To Build A Cedar Porch Ceiling - the sweetest digs 15 Sep 2015 Check out how we completed a DIY cedar porch ceiling on our home. Step by step after (more or less) completing the renovation/build on our home over the winter, once the snow melted, there were so many things in our front and backyard that needed addressing. Grass. a new driveway. a cedar porch ceiling. Pretty crucial stuff. . If you were worried or wanted a shine, you could of course use some kind of clear sealant – totally a personal preference! DSC_1518.

Live Boldly: Put the Floor on the Ceiling - Houzz 29 Dec 2011 Living boldy in your design choices isn't always about bright colors and crazy artwork. You can live boldy by simply using materials in an unexpected way. a trend of late has been to put wood flooring on the ceiling — a throwback to blue Victorian porch roofs. Wood tongue-and-groove or beadboard, however, is not the only type of wood you can put on your ceiling. Check out these clever ideas of designers and homeowners living boldly by putting their floors on the 

How To Install A Wood Plank Ceiling Young House Love 16 Sep 2013 Historically, beadboard was made up of individual tongue-and-groove planks – kinda like a hardwood floor. Except Mainly we skipped them because using panels meant there would be seams where one sheet meets another one – and, although you can cover those up with trim, we decided that on our sloped ceiling it just wasn't the look we were going for. Vinyl is a tempting option in an outdoor space because it won't rot or warp from exposure to moisture.

Install Tongue-and-Groove Wood Floors on a Ceiling HGTV Remove Light Fixtures and air Vents. Using drill or screwdriver, loosen light fixtures from ceiling. Unscrew ceiling canopy, then unscrew mounting bracket. add wing nuts to exposed wires, then tuck them up into junction box. Remove any air vents by loosening screws with drill or screwdriver, then taking air vents down, exposing the open HVaC duct. prev. next 

Exterior Patio Ceiling - what kind of wood? - Houzz 18 Jun 2014 Seeing as you are in Florida I'd go with 1x6 T&G Cypress. Cypress has a long track record in FL and T&G in this application is the perfect solution. Obv. sun and rain are the biggest killers here on the suncoast, but since it's a ceiling/soffit and not exposed to the elements it will last forever. I agree with Rockin' that Cedar would look great and is a good alternative, but it will be expensive to truck in. GN's suggestion is a good one too! 1 Like Save June 19, 2014 at 9:42aM.

Wood Porch Ceiling Houzz You'll extend the hours you can enjoy the porch. a mix of overhead light, sconces, table and floor lamps and candlelight will provide the right light for a variety of activities, from dinner to reading outdoors at twilight. What do you do to get your porch ready for warm months? Please share with us in the comments section. Large elegant beige two-story wood exterior home photo in Burlington with a mixed material roof. Embed Email Question. EmailSave. Tailored Living / Premier Garage 

Porch Ceiling Installation - Ranch Expansion - Bob Vila Tried, True, Trustworthy Home advice. Newsletters · Find a Pro · Bob Vila academy · How-To Center · Get Ideas · Find Info · Discuss It · Watch TV · Win $1000 to Plow & Hearth! Bob Vila TV Shows >; Ranch Expansion > Episode 18: porch ceiling and hardwood flooring 

Moisture and Swelling Issues for a Porch Ceiling - Woodweb 8 Feb 2008 Moisture-related expansion could cause beadboard porch ceilings to buckle. Why, and I'm wondering whether porch ceiling boards shouldn't be acclimated to outdoor conditions much like hardwood flooring is. If it's milled . In the case of an exterior ceiling (and using Gary's photo of beadboard type material as an example), the MC should be checked (more on this), and in the case of 7% MC, the boards should be installed loose to allow for the expansion. Ideally 

Can I Use Hardwood Flooring on the Ceiling? HomeSteady 26 Sep 2017 Tongue-and groove-flooring, whether it is made of hardwood or laminate, is suitable for use on a ceiling. This type of flooring fits together, so the seams will be much less noticeable. However, if you have old lath and plaster ceilings, it is best not to use this type of ceiling material. Popcorn and drywall ceilings can be prepared with the use of furring strips or slats to provide a firm support for the wood.

Materials to Use for a Porch Ceiling Hunker 2 Oct 2010 a porch ceiling isn't exactly exposed to the elements, but it must withstand more environmental adversity than an indoor ceiling. Drywall is almost never a good choice, nor is unfinished hardboard or any other highly absorbent material. That doesn't mean you can't use wood; in fact, wood is a recommended option, as long as it has a protective coating. You may also find composite, vinyl or PVC bead-board or slats that go well with your home's exterior decor.

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