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Beams, rough lumber - RBM Lumber Northwest Montana At RBM we have been supplying posts and beams to local contractors for over 30 years. The balance between visual appearance, structural quality and price can make obtaining beams for a project a real challenge. We help our customers get past this hurdle by being as flexible and versatile as possible.

25 Exciting Design Ideas for Faux Wood Beams Home Remodeling 21 Jul 2017 Do you keep envying the exposed wood beams decors you see in magazines and on home improvement websites? A lot of homeowners would love the same look, but are held back by cost and installation complexity. Real wood beams are not cheap and considering their weight, they are not easy to install either. If you are in a similar situation, these beams are perfect for you. They will not break your bank like real wood and installation is fairly easy with the help of a 

Reclaimed Wood Beams by Price Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Solid wood beams make a great addition to any interior or exterior project. Whether it is for a mantle above your fireplace, timber spans across your living room or structural beams for your deck or pergola, dimensional wood beams lend a robust, warm and honest feel to a structure. We offer a variety of wood beams obtained from turn-of-the-century structures.

2018 Steel Support Beam Installation Costs Load Bearing Beam Cost On This Page: beam Installation - Costs & Considerations. Raw Steel prices; Labor Costs. Types of Steel beams. All About H-beams; All About S-beams; Anatomy of a Load Bearing beam. Although they are not commonly used, the placement of steel beams for structural support in residential construction is gaining in popularity due to the many advantages that steel offers over traditional wood stuctural beams. Able to bear a greater load of weight with a smaller profile, steel I beams 

Box Beams Pricing - Per Linear Foot - Woodland Beam AVAILABLE ANY SIZE, Barnwood beams, Poplar Hewn #1, Poplar Routed Edge. A hewn poplar box beam, A poplar box beam with a routed edge. 6×6, $31, $32, $21. 6×8, $36, $35, $22. 6×10, $44, $47, $32. 6×12, $48, $53, $35. 8×8, $39, $37, $23. 8×10, $47, $49, $32. 8×12, $51, $54, $35. 10×10, $51, $55, $37. 10×12, $55, $60, $40. 10×14, $65, $64, $41. 12×12, $57, $56, $34. 12×14, $67, $62, $38. 12×16, $75, $68, $42 

Faux Wood Beam Costs - 2017 Faux Wood Beam Prices, Options Get 2017 Faux wood beam price options and installation cost ranges. Free, online Faux wood beam cost calculator breaks down fair prices in your area. Input project size, product quality and labor type to get Faux wood beam material pricing and installation cost estimates.

Reclaimed Wood Beam Costs - 2017 Reclaimed Wood Beam Prices Get 2017 Reclaimed wood beam price options and installation cost ranges. Free, online Reclaimed wood beam cost calculator breaks down fair prices in your area. Input project size, product quality and labor type to get Reclaimed wood beam material pricing and installation cost estimates.

Post and Beam The Pennsylvania Sawmill Company “Green” (or fresh cut) lumber is high in moisture content, making it heavy to work with. You may want to consider kiln drying your wood prior to installation. Allowing the wood to dry in a controlled environment drives off the moisture and reduces the risk of shrinking and warping after it is installed. We strongly recommend kiln drying beams that are going to be used indoors within a couple of months of purchase. You may not need to kiln dry if you have time to let the beams air dry for 

Prices - Somerset Timbers This is our main pricelist and covers the majority of the timber and related products we manufacture and stock. Somerset Timbers Pricelist 20180306. (Pdf format – 884 kb). We also have a range of Solid doors, Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Sealers, Coatings and Glues which are not on the pricelist. ABOUT US. We were established in 1990 as a sawmill supplying wet off saw products. Since then we have grown to encompass a large range of timber products. Somerset Timbers now 

Cedar Timbers, Doug Fir, Oaks, Hemlock Wood - Boards and Beams We supply full dimensional rough sawn cedar timbers as well as doug fir, Oaks, Pines, Hemlock, Spruce and Cherry Lumber. 2. Here at Boards & beams we warehouse a wide variety of Douglas Fir, Oak, Cedar, Pines, Hemlock, Spruce and Cherry timbers. Depending upon species we can supply you with dimensional . than that of Rough Sawn Lumber. Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar is of high quality and older growth which is why pricing is more than S4S Western Red Cedar.

Long Length Post and Beam Timbers - Mead Lumber Co. Inc. Long Timber Pricing by the Piece (18' - 22'). Size, 18' Rgh, 18' S4S, 20' Rgh, 20' S4S, 22' Rgh, 22' S4S. 2x4, $13.00, $15.00, $17.00, $19.00, $23.00, $25.00. 2x6. $20.00. $22.00, $25.00, $28.00, $35.00, $38.00. 2x8, $25.00, $29.00, $33.00, $37.00, $46.00, $50.00. 2x10, $35.00, $38.00, $42.00, $46.00, $57.00, $62.00. 2x12, $47.00, $52.00, $55.00, $66.00, $69.00, $74.00. 4x4, $26.00, $30.00, $33.00, $36.00, $46.00, $50.00. 4x6, $40.00, $44.00, $49.00, $54.00, $69.00, $74.00.

Structural Timber & Wooden Beams| Pine Timber Products| The We supply treated structural timber beams in various sizes and lengths to suit your needs. We cater for any structural timber design requirements and offer you extremely competitive prices. Please note that the sizes mentioned are the Rough sizes, if you select Planed All Round the end product will be a few millimeters smaller. For example a 76×76 Rough post will end up as a 69×69 when planed.

Price List - Antique Woods & Colonial Restoration The following is a list of prices for most of the items we have in stock. For large orders we can also offer some discount depending on exactly what you are ordering. Please note: all of our beams and wood is reclaimed antique lumber - not new! As such, there may be color variations, nail and peg holes, checks, wain, knotches and mortise holes in beams, size and density variation, and other characteristics of vintage lumbers. If you don't find what you are looking for, please call 

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