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floating deck piers with 4x4

A Few Ways to Brace off Free Standing Wood Framed Deck - YouTube 21 Oct 2015 Click on this link for more videos that just might make all the difference in the world on your next deck construction project. This video will provide you with a few ways to brace off a free standing deck built with wood post and beams. I was wondering what is structurally more secure, the 4x4 cut on 45s to beam and post or the 2x8 from bottom of post to center of beam, from both sides of the left and right post, or to go from one post to the other corner to corner, 2x8 

How to Build a Floating Deck » Rogue Engineer 4 Jun 2016 Since this is a free standing deck and less than 36″ off the ground our local code did not require a permit. Pure coincidence, or maybe not. Since this is not connected to the house the deck blocks were sufficient for us and saved us a lot of time. If you are connecting the deck to the house you will more than likely need to pour concrete footings that will extend beyond the frost line to prevent the deck from heaving up with a frost. The required depth of your footing is 

Tips and Ideas on How To Build a Floating Deck - The Home Depot We knew we wanted to use Veranda Composite decking as the deck floor. This meant we would need more support to carry the weight, as well as the inherit flexibility these boards have. We also wanted to have as little waste as possible (and make fewer cuts!) so we decided to use the size of the existing boards and created a 16′ x 16′ footprint. This made life so much easier!! Tips and Ideas on How To Build a floating deck. We used concrete deck blocks as our base 52 of them 

DIY How to Build Deck using Deck Blocks NO DIG - YouTube 15 Jan 2012 See the process to build a deck using deck Blocks. No digging. see the next step. Re- Building the deck using recovered materials from the original tear down I am going to be building my friend a new 10'x10' (floating) deck on the back of her house, shrouding the original concrete 5 step stoop that is there now. But I want to make sure it will not violate any codes.. but i also don't want to make a quick job of it rendering the deck unsafe after a couple years either.

How to Build a Floating Deck: 3 Steps 28 Mar 2010 Here I will show you how I made a floating deck. The advantage of a floating deck is that it is possible to be moved to any location in the yard. The ground that we picked for our floating deck was uneven so I had to play a little with cinder blocks and bricks to level the frame. Once I was finished with levering the frame I could It is known as a "free standing deck" and you use treated 4x4's posts cemented to the ground. You need to install the posts first, then with a 

Build a Floating Deck: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables 7 Aug 2016 It's a "floating deck," which means it simply rests on blocks at ground level. By comparison, a raised deck is supported If you're looking to build a deck, this Instructable will give you some ideas for starters but I strongly recommend taking a couple weeks and studying everything you can find before making a plan. The internet is overflowing with . the direct support onto the blocks. I went an extra step and added pieces of 4x4 to the location of each foundation block.

Handi Block - Instant Foundation System - YouTube 5 Apr 2013 Speaking from a person who has redone my front yard from massive lawn to drought tolerant/desert landscape ( by myself ) to back yard, raised planters, shed an deck ( by myself ) for a few thousand dollars ( quotes by pros five times the amount I Can this work to do a self standing post 4x4 for 10ft tall to hang lights for decor? Go with concrete, make sure you pour well below freeze line, these "handi blocks" might work for a temporary deck but nothing permanent.

How to Build a Deck Using Deck Blocks Hunker 17 Jul 2017 A backyard deck is an excellent way to expand outdoor living space, but decks can be complicated, time consuming and pricey. One way to build a ground level deck with simple construction, without breaking the bank, is to use prefabricated deck blocks for your foundation. Precast deck blocks take the place of in-ground footings, reducing complexity of construction, time required, and cost. You can build a simple deck in one day using this floating deck system with 

Evo-Crete Handi Block - The One Hour Deck - YouTube 26 Apr 2012 floating construction has an expiration date, if you want it to last, build a foundation like any structure that stands the test of time. Read more Pier blocks are okay on very hard packed soil or concrete but on a soft unpacked surface such as grass I don't see how it would not sink into the ground after a couple of seasons hard rains and other substructure settling. The video gives Trying to build a deck on my balcony and with the blocks, it's about 1.5 inches too high..

Building Our Backyard Deck - YouTube 23 Jul 2011 Our latest endeavor- creating a large 16 feet by 35 foot floating foundation deck from the rear entrances of our home! Due to the weight of the deck gravity will keep them in the nest of the block. The block though has to be level so the 4x4 will rest evenly inside the block. The top of the 4x4's uses clips to The idea of the blocks is to make it not permanent or floating because it won't increase my property taxes. Permanent or cemented in & srewed in to the house wall 

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