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Monarfloor Deck 9 Acoustic Deck Floating Floor Overlay System Monarfloor deck 9 is an acoustic deck overlay system designed to reduce sound transmission through existing timber or new concrete floors in situations where the increase in floor height has to be kept to a minimum, once installed deck 9 increases the floor level by only 17mm. Monarfloor Monarfloor deck 9 may be used over 18mm chipboard, OSB board, a decking ply or concrete sub-floor. Monarfloor deck 9 RDL FFT5 Resilient overlay shallow platform acoustic floor system 

Overlaying Decking - Fine Homebuilding Q: The boards on my four-year-old deck are shedding splinters along grain lines. The decking is yellow pine that has gone through a heat-treating process, and the supplier's warranty states a 30-year term. I've spoken with the supplier, who might replace the product, but I'm not interested in using the same wood. If I were to get new wood, such as cedar boards, and overlay the existing decking with the new boards, what problems, if any, could I expect? David Rierson, via email, None 

28mm JCW Acoustic Refurb Deck - Chipboard based Acoustic 28mm JCW Acoustic Refurb deck - Chipboard based Acoustic overlay board. Thickness: 28mm. Width: 600mm. Length: 2400mm. board coverage: 1.44m<sup>2</sup>. Density: 886kg/m<sup>3</sup>. Weight/m<sup>2</sup>: 24.8kg. Weight: 35.71kg. Acoustic data: Airborne 59dB, Impact 55dB. 28mm JCW Acoustic Refurb deck is a chipboard based acoustic deck for direct to joist fitment or onto an existing sub-floor. It is manufactured using a moisture Resistant 22mm T&G chipboard with a pre-bonded weight enhanced&nbsp;

Monarfloor Deck 18 Decorative- Resilient Overlay Platform Acoustic Advantages. Unique wood grain finished board. Applications for existing timber floors. Supports floor loadings defined in BS: 6399-1: 1996. Superior performance – the recycled LRAC foam used has excellent impact improvement characteristics and superior stability within a single layer. Flame retardant. Quality assured - meets all current standards. Monarfloor deck 18 Decorative is a wood grained finished overlay system designed to reduce sound transmission through existing&nbsp;

Monarfloor Deck 22 Floating Floor / Acoustic Platform Floor System Monarfloor deck 22 is an resilient overlay acoustic platform floor / floating floor system designed to reduce sound transmission through existing timber floors in situations where a heavy domestic application is anticipated. Monarfloor deck 22 composite tongue and groove floating flooring system consists of a high performance water based adhesive to 22mm moisture V313 P5 chipboard. Monarfloor deck 22 may be used over 18mm chipboard, OSB board or a decking ply sub floor.

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